About me


Hi there!

I am Peter and your CoinCoach. In the late 2016 I got into crypto currencies. My main interest was the possibiltiy to trade in live time with super low fees. Since the fees are a percentage of each trade, even my few $ gave me the opptunity to feel how trading works. From there on, it just went absolutely crazy! I have met people with absolutely facinating backgrounds, huge experiences in cryptos and astonishing ideas for the future. Most of them share one passion: financial freedom.

After the start of the hype of cryptos in the public from the mid 2017, the people I have met have shown huge interest in the topic. I gave all my knowledge to everyone who asked, but quickly could not manage to cover every question with personal treatment. So, I started this blog. Ever since, I have received a lot of very warm welcoming feedback and hope to also be able to help you out 🙂

Contact me in case of any questions or directly book a package!