CoinTracking – The best Cointracking Software?

For tracking Bitcoin and Altcoins, I have tried several CoinTracking softwares. Actually, the best one so far has been the Blockfolio app. However, I recently discovered CoinTracking which is now definitely my preferred option. To determine if cointracking software is good, I am asking myself the following questions:

  • Which coins are tracked?
  • How many exchanges are supported?
  • Are trades automatically tracked?
  • How accurate are the rates?
  • Does the software offer analysis tools?
  • How user friendly is the interface?

CoinTracking as Masterpiece

CoinTracking exchange importCoinTracking was (at the time of writing) the best tool, checking every requirement box. Right after the creation of the account you will get a huge list of supported exchanges to link up to your account. All big exchanges like Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex, Bitfinex and more are supported. The best part of it is, that rather small exchanges, which are yet used often due to their massive coin support like Cryptopia, are also supported. Actually, CoinTracking also provides a tutorial on how to import the trades with CSV files, and in doing that, they kind of cover every exchange out there. Though mostly manual insertions, you do only trade there once in a while. Maybe you will have something like 5% of your portfolio. So, a daily update is not necessary.

CoinTracking PortfolioOnce you have linked up your exchanges, CoinTracking will display automatically you full portfolio. A pie chart shows the distribution of your portfolio and another one the distribution in the exchanges.

CoinTracking portfolio value chartThe general overview for your coins is alike any other cointracking software. You can also switch to show all values in BTC, EUR or USD. I always recommend BTC since most coins are traded in that currency. You also get a real overview of losses and winnings in BTC when trading cryptos.

Since we have covered the UI and the support of exchanges, it is important to mention, that CoinTracking does literally support all coins I have or had. Whether all are supported (like 888 or whatever minor coin you want to think of) I cannot say. But I am happily covered.

(Un)Realised Gains & Losses

When you have traded, CoinTracking will offer you a very unique report about un(realised) gains and losses. I have attached a excerpt below from the page. This feature does apparently cover completed trades as well as active ones. Though, I just recommend to use the interface as an overview and not as a hint. Especially with coins like Ethereum or Bitcoin which you might have on multiple exchanges for multiple rates I do not expect CoinTracking to be correct here. Nonetheless, I assess the report as quite useful.

CoinTracking gain and loss analysis

Start Now for Free!

Obviously, good software is pricy. CoinTracking is well in for the long run. However, you can give is a try for free. The first 200 trades are tracked without any costs. Then you will get a good insight into the tool and can decide later whether it’s worth it or not. If you decide to purchase it, then I have a special offer for you:

With this link you have lifelong discount of 10% on any CoinTracking license: Register right here!

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